Chde Pempa BK6-40M 3in1, device for measuring glucose, cholesterol and uric acid

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Chde Pempa BK6-40M 3in1, device for measuring glucose, cholesterol and uric acid

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Product Information

Chde Pempa BK6-40M 3in1, device for measuring glucose, cholesterol and uric acid

Product description

Chde Pempa BK6-40M 3in1 is a multifunctional device for home use, which is used to measure the level of glucose, cholesterol and uric acid in the blood. Pempa 3in1 automatically recognizes the type of strip used, thus ensuring accurate and fast measurement with a small blood sample. The built-in memory allows you to remember the measurements for two users, and the large, readable display makes the device comfortable to use, even for the elderly and visually impaired.

The Pempa BK6-40M 3-in-1 device is distinguished by its small size, quick measurement and multifunctionality, which is why it is a perfect device for daily health monitoring at home.


Measure blood glucose, cholesterol and uric acid levels.

Product features

     compact size,
     quick and accurate measurement,
     large display,
     long working time on one battery,
     memory for two users,
     automatic strip recognition,
     Compatible with BeneCheck test strips.

Usage method

     Wash and disinfect your hands with disinfectant wipes, make sure you wipe them dry before starting the measurement.
     Insert the lancet and press down firmly.
     Unscrew the lancet retaining end.
     Apply the tip by twisting.
     Set the puncture depth adjustment.
     To prevent the test strips from getting wet, close the lid of the package immediately after removing the test strip.
     Insert the strap into the device.
     Make sure the same code appears on the strip packaging and the display.
     Pull the lancing device trigger when you are ready to test.
     Place the lancing device against your finger and press the lancet ejection button.
     Wipe away the first drop of blood by gently pressing down on the collection site.
     Place the sample site against the sample inlet on the strip. The blood sample will be automatically aspirated.
     A countdown will appear on the display, the device will display the measurement result.

Technical Specifications

     Memory: 460 test results (360 for glucose, 50 for uric acid, 50 for total cholesterol).
     Battery type: one 3V lithium battery (CR2032).
     Battery endurance: about 1000 tests.
     Device dimensions: 86x57x17 mm.
     Weight: approx. 48 g.

Important tips

    Measure within 5 minutes, otherwise the device will turn off automatically.
    The measuring device will not turn on if you insert the wrong end or the wrong side of the strap.
    Write the date of opening on the strip set, do not use expired strips.
    Dropping, hitting or other damage may cause the device to malfunction.
    Do not use the device in the vicinity of magnetic field, electromagnetic field and radioactive interference.


    When disposing of strips and lancets, do so in accordance with your local regulations.
    Used test strips, lancets, and any other materials that have come into contact with the blood sample should be treated as a potential biohazard.
    If a user has an infectious disease, test strips and other materials may be sources of infection.
    The lancet and the test strip must not be reused.
    Always use a certified lancet to ensure your safety.

Contents of the package

1 x PEMPA BK6-40M device
10 x glucose test strips
5 x uric acid test strips
5 x cholesterol test strips
lancing needle
1 x lancing device
1 x case
1 x batteries
1 x User Manual

Product CodeCHD6MUKD90

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