Medel Connect Cardio MB10, an automatic upper arm blood pressure monitor Devices Medical equipment

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Medel Connect Cardio MB10, an automatic upper arm blood pressure monitor Devices Medical equipment

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Product Information

Medel Connect Cardio MB10, an automatic upper arm blood pressure monitor

Product description

Medel Connect Cardio MB10 is the latest generation automatic upper arm blood pressure monitor, which has a built-in bluetooth module and a USB socket. It is designed for systolic and diastolic blood pressure and for pulse measurement. The device will also indicate any abnormalities: the blood pressure monitor will record atrial fibrillation and premature ventricular contractions. Blood pressure measurement results can help in the early detection of disorders and thus prevent long-term treatment. The blood pressure monitor has a memory of 60 results for two users. In addition, using the free Medel iBP ECG application and software, all obtained data with the exact date and time can be saved on a smartphone and sent to a PC disk, and then sent to e.g. a doctor.

The Medel Connect Cardio MB 10 blood pressure monitor also allows you to perform an ECG at home: the kit includes an EKG element that is used to determine the heart rhythm. The device informs you about the average heart rate measurements and possible deviations from the normal ECG.


Independent blood pressure measurement and ECG performance at home.
Usage method
How to measure blood pressure with the Medel Connect Cardio MB 10 blood pressure monitor?

     30 minutes before the measurement it is forbidden to: smoke tobacco, drink coffee, eat or engage in physical activity.
     Pressure should not be measured under stress.
     You should rest for at least a few minutes before taking a measurement.
     Pressure can be measured while sitting or lying down. The cuff must always be level with your heart.
     In the sitting position, sit upright with your back on the chair. Place your hand on the table. Place your feet flat on the floor.
     During the measurement, do not cross your feet, do not move or talk.

How to perform an ECG test?

    Do not apply the EKG element through clothing.
    If the electrode surfaces of the ECG element become dirty, clean them with a cotton swab moistened with cleaning alcohol.
    If the skin and hands are dry before the measurement, they should be moistened with a damp cloth.
    Start with method A, if you cannot obtain a measurement, change to method B or, if necessary, method C. The measurement method you choose depends on the configuration of your heart (shape). All methods are described in detail in the instructions.
    Make sure that the left and right hands (measurement method C) or the hand and chest (measurement method A / B) do not come into contact with each other. Otherwise, the measurement results may be incorrect.
    Be careful that your right hand does not come into contact with the body during the measurement.
    Do not talk or move while measuring the ECG as this may result in inaccurate measurements.

Product features

     automatic shutdown,
     time and date of measurement,
     ECG: recording of results in 30 seconds,
     function of recording atrial fibrillation and premature ventricular contractions,
     IHB (Irregular Heart Beat) function: irregular heartbeat indicator,
     color graduation scale of measurement results,
     battery consumption level control,
     automatic only,
     LCD digital liquid crystal screen,
     data transmission via bluetooth or via USB cable.

Technical Specifications
Medel Connect Cardio MB 10 blood pressure monitor - parameters:

     blood pressure measurement range: 30-280 mmHg,

     heart rate measurement range: 40-199 beats / min,
     accuracy of pressure indication: +/- 3 mmHg,
     heart rate accuracy: +/- 4%,
     device memory: 2 users, 60 measurements each,
     cuff size: 22-42 cm,
     power supply: battery,
     type of battery / power supply: 4 AAA 1.5V batteries,
     weight: 290 g (without batteries),
     dimensions: 12.8 x 12.8 x 40 cm.

Important tips

    The measured values ​​are for reference only. Pressure measurement is not a substitute for a medical examination! After measuring the pressure, consult a doctor. Under no circumstances should it be allowed to independently make medical decisions (e.g. regarding the use of drugs and their dosage) on the basis of the measurement.
    The ECG measuring device does not replace either a medical examination of the heart rate or a medical electrocardiogram, which is subject to more stringent measurement requirements.


    The blood pressure monitor must not be used to measure blood pressure in neonates and women suffering from pregnancy poisoning. It is recommended that you consult your doctor before using the blood pressure monitor during pregnancy.
    The cuff should not be placed on an arm that treats arteries and veins, such as angioplasty / vascular therapy or an arteriovenous (AV) fistula.
    Do not use the cuff on people who have had breast amputations.
    The ECG component should not be used with a pacemaker or other implanted devices.
    The ECG component must not be used on children weighing less than 10 kg.
    The electrodes of the device must not come into contact with other electrically conductive parts (including earth).

Contents of the package

     Medel Connect Cardio MB 10 blood pressure monitor,
     EKG element,
     universal Medel cuff 22-42cm,
     USB cable,
     4 1.5V AAA batteries,
     storage case,

Product CodeMEDYEXST39
ManufacturerMedical Equipment

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