Medel Professional, a pneumatic piston inhaler

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Medel Professional, a pneumatic piston inhaler

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Product Information

Medel Professional, a pneumatic piston inhaler

Product description

Medel Professional is a compact device that guarantees the highest effectiveness of therapy, which can be used by qualified personnel in medical facilities, hospitals and at home by patients who often use comprehensive aerosol therapy. The inhaler is dedicated to patients who use long-term therapy that requires frequent administration of drugs, especially in diseases such as pneumonia, asthma, cystic fibrosis, COPD, bronchitis and other diseases of the bronchial tree. The inhaler comes with two nebulizers: Medel Jet Plus and Medel Jet Rhino, which are small containers from which the drug is dosed. The volume of the inhaler is only 52dB, which is very quiet in the case of this type of device. Low audibility of the device affects the patient's comfort during therapy.

Medel Jet Plus is a technologically advanced nebulizer that is activated by inhalation. This solution allows for the maximum use of the entire dose of the drug during inhalation. The average particle size of the drug is 0.8 mcm, therefore the nebulizer can be used in the treatment of the upper and lower respiratory tract. Drug molecules of this size reach the upper respiratory tract, trachea, bronchi, bronchioles and alveoli. The Medel Jet Rhino nebulizer is intended for the treatment of the upper respiratory tract in sinusitis, dry nasal mucosa, cleaning the nose from excess secretions in chronic rhinitis, upper respiratory tract infections, and allergies to dust and pollen. It helps to clean and moisturize the nasal mucosa.

The inhaler is also equipped with Medel Soft Touch masks in a universal size and for children from 6 months of age. They have a soft, gentle to the skin end, which, thanks to the flexible adjustment to the shape of the face, allows you to minimize any irritation that may result from frequent inhalations. To increase the comfort of use, the inhaler features a practical housing that allows easy portability and a special container in which you can store and dry accessories.


Aerosol therapies that require frequent administration of drugs to treat the upper and lower respiratory tract.
Usage method

Before each use, check the device for malfunctions and damage resulting from transport or storage. Take a straight and relaxed position during inhalation, preferably at a table, so as not to bend the airways as this may reduce the effectiveness of the treatment.

After taking the device out, check that none of its parts and accessories are damaged or cracked. Then, after disinfecting the inhaler, open the nebulizer, make sure the medication flow cone is correctly inserted and pour the amount of medication prescribed by your doctor into it. Close the nebulizer tightly and connect one end of the air tube to the corresponding outlet on the bottom of the nebulizer and the other end to the air outlet on the device. If you want to use the mask, insert it directly into the nebuliser. After inserting the plug into an electrical outlet, turn the switch to position "I". ATTENTION! The device is for continuous use. Using the recommended accessories, draw out the spray solution. After the procedure, turn off the device and then clean the nebuliser and its accessories.

Product features

- professional device,
- very quiet operation with a volume of only 52dB,
- two nebulizers for the therapy of both the upper and lower respiratory tract,
- inhaler mask with a delicate finish, gentle to the skin,
- compact and practical design of the inhaler.
Technical Specifications

- MMAD [acc. new standard EN13544-1]: 0.8μm,
- operating mode: continuous,
- volume: 52 dBA,
- nebulization / administration rate: 0.3 ml / min,
- compressor efficiency: 5.1 ml / min,
- maximum pressure: 2.2 bar,
- the minimum administered volume of the drug: 2 ml,
- the maximum administered volume of the drug: 8 ml,
- White color,
- device weight: 2.2 kg,
- dimensions: 21cm x 22cm x 24cm
- power supply: mains.

Contents of the package

     1 x inhaler
     1 x nebulizer,
     1 x mouthpiece
     1 x air hose,
     1 x adult mask
     1 x baby mask
     1 x replacement air filters,
     1 x nose fork
     1 x nasal spray,
     1 x accessory box with cleaning system.


Product CodeMED71ASY94
ManufacturerMedical Equipment

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