NebuCare Max, set for nebulization of infants and children, Helpmedi, mesh nebulizer + Katarek, saline solution NaCl 0.9%, 5 ml x 40 ampoules

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NebuCare Max, set for nebulization of infants and children, Helpmedi, mesh nebulizer + Katarek, saline solution NaCl 0.9%, 5 ml x 40 ampoules

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Product Information

NebuCare Max, set for nebulization of infants and children, Helpmedi, mesh nebulizer + Katarek, saline solution NaCl 0.9%, 5 ml x 40 ampoules

Product description
The NebuCare nebuliser kit includes:

1. Helpmedi NE-MO1L, mesh nebulizer for infants and children.
2. Katarek, 0.9% NaCl physiological saline solution, 5 ml x 40 ampoules.


The NebuCare nebulization kit allows for comprehensive protection of your child's respiratory tract. The set includes an extremely quiet Helpmedi NE-MO1L mesh nebulizer and a supply of 40 ampoules of 0.9% NaCl saline solution, which will last up to 40 days of nebulization. Inhalation is an effective method of drug administration and often shortens the healing process.

Helpmedi NE-MO1L, mesh nebulizer for infants and children:

The Helpmedi NE-MO1L mesh nebulizer is a medical device that is used for inhaled drug administration. It can be used in the case of a runny nose, cough, as well as bronchial asthma and other respiratory diseases. The device transforms the suspension or solution into a mist, the 5 micron microparticles of which, together with the patient's inhalation, get into the respiratory system and reach exactly where the disease is taking place. What's more, the Saving Drug technology used in it turns the entire dose of the drug into a mist and reduces drug losses to a minimum.

The Helpmedi NE-MO1L nebulizer is a modern, ultra-quiet device with a small size. Thanks to its almost silent operation, it does not arouse fear in the youngest children. Older children also have no problems with performing nebulization on their own, e.g. while watching TV. Its extremely quiet operation also allows for nebulization at night, while other household members are asleep, without the risk of waking them up. What's more, thanks to the use of a special sensor that does not interrupt work when changing position, it allows you to inhale both sitting and lying (sitting position is recommended). It is equipped with 2 masks - a smaller one suitable for a small child, and a larger one - for an older child and an adult.

The nebulizer is easy to use. It has only one button, thanks to which its operation is very intuitive, and a high-capacity battery, thanks to which it works wirelessly, without unnecessary cables. No need to connect to electricity, it can also be used outside the home, e.g. on a trip or on a walk. Charging is done via USB.


Medicinal inhalations of nebulized medicine into the respiratory system.
Product features

    convenience in use,
    enables quick drug administration,
    extremely quiet,
    small size,
    easy to transport,
    intuitive one-button operation - One Button system,
    precise drug atomization without losses - Saving Drug Technology,
    the ability to use with a wide range of drugs (after reading the leaflet / consultation with a doctor),
    USB charging,
    with 2 masks in different sizes: for a child and an adult.

Technical Specifications

    power supply: DC 5 V or (3.7 V lithium battery),
    input power: <5 VAm
    nebulization speed:
        in mode I: ≥ 0.25 ml / min,
         in mode II: ≥ 0.15 ml / min,
    noise: ≤50 dB,
    Equivalent volume distribution of particle diameter: the volume distribution coefficient of small atomized particles (diameter <5 µm) is not less than 60%,
    type of protection against electric shock: internally powered class II device,
    degree of protection against electric shock: BF applied part,
    degree of protection against water ingress: IP22 2.3,
    working conditions:
        temperature: 5 ° C ~ 40 ° C,
        humidity: 15% ~ 90%,
        atmospheric pressure: 700 hPa ~ 1060 hPa.

Contents of the package

     1 x Helpmedi NE-MO1L mesh nebulizer,
     1 x mask for small children,
     1 x mask for larger children.

Katarek, physiological saline solution of NaCl 0.9%, 5 ml x 40 ampoules:

The physiological, isotonic NaCl 0.9% saline solution by Katarek is a medical device suitable for use in infants from birth, children and adults.

It can be used for inhalation during upper and lower respiratory tract infections, rhinitis, runny nose, cough, laryngitis, inflammation and obstructive bronchitis and bronchial asthma. Saline is also suitable for nose hygienization - it will perfectly dilute the residual secretion, which greatly facilitates subsequent aspiration (removal of secretions from the nose). It is also helpful in removing other impurities from the nose. It is also suitable for washing and instilling a child's eyes, cleaning baby's ears and for washing wounds and cuts.

The NebuCare kit contains 40 single-use ampoules of 5 ml each. The solution they contain is a high-quality sterile product.


     Prophylactically for cleaning and moisturizing the respiratory tract.
     For various beauty treatments, incl. for rinsing eyes, ears, wounds and cuts, for nasal hygiene.
     For diluting drugs used for inhalation.
     For babies from birth, children and adults.

Usage method

     Tear off a single ampoule from the package, then unscrew its top and gently twist the ampoule head to the left or right.
     Before use, check that after removing the head, the tip of the ampoule is smooth and has no sharp tips.


Sodium chloride, purified water.
Important tips

     Single and individual use product.
     Use the contents immediately after opening. Discard the ampoule after use.
     The contents of the opened ampoule cannot be reused. The saline solution does not contain preservatives, and re-use could result in the administration of a contaminated agent.
     Do not use the same ampoule for different applications.
     Do not use for injection.
     Do not use if the ampoule is damaged.
     Do not use after the expiration date.
     Keep away from children.

Contents of the package

40 ampoules x 5 ml

Product CodeNEBFEFOT48
ManufacturerFor children

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