Parenting - what is it?

Parenting - what is it?

Wondering what parenting is? This is nothing but parenting. The word parenting comes from the English language and means parenting, bringing up children. It is a term that describes not only the fact of being a parent. It has a more emotional meaning, related to parental relationships and activities. In this context, upbringing is understood more as providing care than shaping the attitudes of young people. The Polish equivalent could therefore be parenthood, including being a parent during pregnancy, bringing a child into the world and taking care of it after childbirth.

    Parenthood and everything related to it is extremely subjective. What is fully acceptable to you will be unbearable for others. And vice versa. After all, both children and their parents are different. They have different temperaments, preferences, life experiences, and a different social situation. The sum of all these factors makes up the final picture of your parenting.

Unfortunately, the instruction manual is not included with the children. Therefore, raising children is both beautiful and difficult. You can benefit from the knowledge and experience of others, but the end result is up to you, your child and your overall life situation.
Good parenting, which is what?

In fact, it can be assumed that how many experts, there are so many different opinions about raising a child. Thus, there is no single right answer to the question of what good parenting is. However, you can prepare yourself for being a parent by learning more about the ways of upbringing.

We can meet many educational trends, including:

    Attachment parenting, colloquially known as closeness parenting, is a parenting philosophy based on the theory of attachment. It assumes that the child, together with their caregivers, creates an emotional bond that will affect their entire future life.
    Co-parenting, i.e. co-raising a child by people who are not in a romantic relationship with each other.
    Slow parenting, a movement that opposes a fast and superficial lifestyle. The emphasis is on raising the child without pressure and ensuring a happy childhood. It focuses on the need for closeness, building bonds with loved ones, common rest and an ecological lifestyle.
    Playful parenting, or parenting through play. He approaches the issue of play as a means of getting to know the world, communicating and dealing with everyday situations.

Each of us has to choose the rules that we want to introduce when raising our child. Of course, it is important to adapt them to the characters and needs of our children and ours.

    In good parenting, it is important to set a goal, which is not only a happy childhood for our children, but also happy parenthood.

How to choose a parenting portal?

A lot of educational knowledge can be found on parenting websites. These are websites aimed at future and current parents. In addition to the articles, you will find various calculators, classifieds boards, search engines for kindergartens and expert advice. From year to year, they are gaining more and more popularity, thanks to the fact that we can find answers to many questions in one place.

On parenting websites you can find topics related to pregnancy, childbirth, child development, upbringing problems and the shadows and highlights of parenthood. Aspects quite often raised in the parenting blogosphere are vaccinations, breastfeeding, housewives and child rearing issues. These issues arouse a lot of emotions, which is why they very often become the subject of heated discussions among parents.

When it comes to the health of children, articles written by specialists: paediatricians, child psychologists and physiotherapists will be a valuable source of information. Therefore, portals offering interesting and scientifically proven methods supporting the upbringing of children will be a good choice.

It is worth bearing in mind that educators in the topic of parenting give only tips and show potential solutions. And whether and how you use them is entirely up to you.

We all try to be good parents, we strive for excellence. Only sometimes we forget that an ideal parent simply does not exist. It is important to use common sense and rely on your own gut when it comes to such an important issue as raising a child. Good parenting is all about making both the child and the parents happy.


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