Pneumatic inhaler for children, Ladybug with irrigator for cleaning the nose and sinuses Rhino Clear

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Pneumatic inhaler for children, Ladybug with irrigator for cleaning the nose and sinuses Rhino Clear

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Product Information

Pneumatic inhaler for children, Ladybird with irrigator for cleaning the nose and sinuses Rhino Clear

Product description

Ladybird is a pneumatic inhaler with a funny ladybird shape, which is the perfect solution for tame young children with nebulization treatments. The inhalation set has been equipped with masks in two sizes, thanks to which it will be used as a universal device for aerosol therapy for the whole family.

Inhalation with Ladybird

The advantage of the Laybird inhaler is that it is easy and convenient to use at home. The nebulizer of the RF6 Basic inhaler allows you to work in two modes: high (High Speed ​​0.42 ml / minute) and normal. (Standard Speed ​​0.32 ml / minute) while maintaining an average particle size measured at 3.6 μm (MMAD).

The Ladybird inhaler comes with a complete Rhino Clear sinus irrigation set with three different attachments, the shape and size of which have been adapted to the needs of the youngest children and adults. The purifier of the nose and sinuses allows for the effective removal of excess secretions in the upper respiratory tract, which is as important as the inhalation process itself in the treatment of seasonal infections and allergies.

The RhinoClear attachment can be used with saline solutions (isotonic, hypertonic, etc.), thermal water or drugs commonly available in pharmacies. The daily nasal rinse solution can also be prepared at home by dissolving 1 teaspoon of pure salt in ½ liter of lukewarm drinking water.


     Aerosol therapies for lower respiratory tract infections.
     Cleansing the nose and sinuses of residual secretions in infections of the upper respiratory tract.

Usage method
Ladybird inhaler for children - how to use

RF6 Basic2 head for nebulization

    Before each use, thoroughly wash your hands and clean the RF6 Basic2 head and all accessories according to the instructions.
    Take the compressor out of its cover before use!
    Plug the power cord into the socket.
    Open the spray head by turning the upper part counterclockwise.
    Pour the medicinal product prescribed by your doctor into the lower part of the spray head.
    Close the head by putting on the upper part and turning it clockwise.
    Combine accessories (the cap enables the administration of the aerosol in two modes: standard, for optimal dosing and high drug saving, and fast, for faster spraying of the drug dose).
    Sit comfortably, holding the nebulizer (head) in your hand, put the mouthpiece in your mouth or apply the mask to your face.
    Start the compressor by pressing the power switch.
    Take slow, deep breaths (a short breath hold is recommended for better drug deposition) then breathe out slowly.
    After the treatment is finished, switch off the compressor by pressing the button and disconnect it from the mains.
    Clean the spray head and used accessories according to the instructions.
    If moisture has accumulated on the inside of the air tube during inhalation, blow it out using compressed air.

RhinoClear nasal rinse head

    Before using RhinoClear, make sure that all parts of the adapter are thoroughly cleaned and properly connected.
    Nasal rinsing with the RhinoClear head
    Hands should be thoroughly washed before starting the nasal rinsing procedure.
    During the procedure, it is recommended to use appropriate safeguards against possible mucus leakage.
    Remove the compressor from its cover before use.
    Pour the solution (max. 10 ml) into the nebulizer chamber with the nozzle inserted.
    Attach the separator so that the arrow on the separator points in the direction of the arrow on the adapter housing.
    Then put on the nose piece that best matches the size of your nostrils.
    Connect Rhino Clear via a connector.
    Plug in the power cord.
    Bring the attachment closer to your face, place the nostril deep into one of the nostrils.
    Use your finger to press the other nostril, closing it tightly.
    Begin rinsing your nose by pressing the control button while inhaling and releasing it before starting the exhalation phase.
    It is recommended to clear the treated nasal passage by gently blowing the mucus directly into the RhinoClear.
    Repeat for the other nostril.
    It is recommended to use the rinsing substance evenly for both nostrils.
    After the treatment is finished, switch off the compressor by pressing the button and disconnect it from the mains.
    Clean the nasal adapter according to the instructions.

Product features

     ease and convenience to use,
     continuous operation mode,
     child-friendly shape of the device,
     RF6-Basic nebulizer for lower respiratory tract inhalation,
     Rhino Clear nebulizer for the upper respiratory tract,
     transparent bag for inhalation kit with an additional pocket for additional nebulization accessories,
     the possibility of inhalation of the patient in the supine position (up to a maximum of 5 ml of the drug).

Technical Specifications

     model: P0406EM F700,
     voltage: 230V - 50 Hz,
     power: 140 V,
     maximum pressure: approx. 2.6 ± 0.4 bar,
     compressor capacity: approx. 10 l / minute,
     dimensions: 21 cm x 16 cm x13 cm,
     weight: 1.6 kg,
     noise level (at a distance of 1 m): approx. 57 dB,
     RF6 Basic2 head:
         minimum capacity: 2 ml,
         maximum capacity: 8 ml,
     pressure in working conditions: about 0.9 bar,
     maximum efficiency:
         standard mode about 0.32 ml / minute,
         fast mode about 0.42 ml / minute,
     respirable fraction (<5 μm (FPF)%): 66% standard mode, 67% high speed mode.

Contents of the package

     1 x inhaler
     1 x power cord,
     1 x air hose,
     1 x mouthpiece
     1 x adult mask
     1 x baby mask
     1 x Rihno Clear irrigator,
     1 x irrigator cap up to 3 years old,
     1 x irrigator cap from 3 to 10 years of age,
     1 x irrigator cap, over 10 years old,
     1 x kit bag,


Product CodePNE3MTTE86
ManufacturerMedical Equipment

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